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CHI Enviro Smoothing Treatment


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CHI Enviro Smoothing Yteatment eliminates up to 95% of frizz while making curly hair more manageable. This safe alternative to traditional hairs straightening systems infuses the hair with a unique formula of amino acids, proteins, silk and pearl into the hair’s cuticle. The system safely smooths frizzy, curly hair into beautiful, soft and silky hair. The process, that bonds the powerful (yet gentle) formula with the heat from the CHI iron and dryer, dramatically improves the condition, shine and smoothness of even the most unruly hair types. Results typically last up to 4 months.
Pictures before and after CHI Enviro Smoothing Treatment

Getting the CHI American Smoothing Treatment is fairly simple. The product infuses amino acids, proteins, silk, and pearl into your hair resulting in healthier, stronger, smoother, shinier hair.

After your hair has been treated with the CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment you can color, highlight, and style your hair normally.

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