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Everyday, we are exposed to toxic substances through what we eat, what we wear, the cleaning supplies we use and pollution in the air we breathe, just to name a few. Using body wraps for detoxification can help eliminate some of those harmful toxins from your body and provide essential vitamins and minerals to your body’s largest and most visible organ — your skin.

How they work

As dirty as the process sounds, each of the ingredients in the wrap is helpful in eliminating toxins from your body in one way or another, and everything comes off easily afterward with soap and water.

Detox body wraps for healthier skin


The greatest benefit of detoxifying your body with wraps is improving the health and appearance of your skin. While it’s true that toxins can be extracted from your body through this process, remember that the benefits of these wraps are only skin-deep. Despite some claims to the contrary, the detoxifying ingredients in body wraps are not able to penetrate beyond your skin, nor draw out toxins from your other organs. For those results, you’ll need to try a detox diet or whole body cleanse.


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