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The Difference

At Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions, we take the science of skin care to the next level. Our focus is on working with the skin, giving it the elements it needs, rather than breaking it down. Dr. HYTECSpiller’s HY-TEC™ emulsion system supports the conditions found in healthy skin, allowing it to be strong and resilient against premature aging and other skin disorders. HY-TEC™ emulsion system works by restoring the lipid barrier, the skin’s natural protection.

The Core Problem is a Damaged Skin Barrier

The lipid barrier regulates loss of moisture from the skin and protects from bacteria and inflammation. However, this natural protection is disrupted by today’s harsh and often artificial environment.  As soon as the functions of this natural protective screen are impaired, things become critical: Transepidermal water loss increases, the ability to bind to moisture is reduced, and pollutants and bacteria can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin more easily. Only when the damaged barrier is sealed again in a targeted way can the skin recover.

The Solution for Complete Skin Care

Dr. Spiller’s finely tuned HY-TEC™ emulsion system prevents loss of moisture from the skin, one of the major factors in skin aging, while also allowing for maximum penetration of our effective active ingredients. While traditional skin care products often provide an immediate sensation of hydration, they evaporate a short time later, taking moisture from the skin as well as the product’s active ingredients along with it!


Our unique technology has resulted in the formulation of silky creams that penetrate the skin immediately, providing lasting hydration, protection and rejuvenation.  This is not just some vague promise. These statements are supported by the latest scientific data. Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions creams with HY-TEC™ emulsion system return your skin to its natural balance for a healthy, smooth and radiant complexion.

Dr. Spiller is a Cruelty-Free company. We test our products using dermatologists, not animals