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MANage Your Skin


An ultra-modern skin care line exclusively for men, formulated in the laboratory of Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions. Active herbs and revolutionary anti-aging ingredients are carefully
combined in a unique emulsion system, the same proven foundation of all Dr. Spiller products. Manage Your Skin features GLYCAMON®, a brand new, patented compound from Dr. Spiller. GLYCAMON® compound is a concentrated anti-aging cocktail that reduces irritation and supplies long lasting moisture, while also regenerating the skin. This exclusive compound is compromised of three phyto-cosmetic active ingredients of the highest quality:

  Glycyrrhizin derivatives from liquorice root

  • stops inflammation
  • regulates the flow of sebum
  • soothes irritations

  Ultrafine elixir from the nopal cactus

  • provides moisture
  • protects from environmental stress
  • noticeably soothing

  Glutathione peptides from einkorn

  • strengthen immune functions
  • improve elasticity
  • slow the aging process DRS PRB MYS 07.indd