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SPA Body Treatments

Mud Polish Body Rejuvenating Treatment with steam room

Rejuvenating body treatment that takes years off your body! Combination of DR. Spiller body polish, steam shower to open your pores and deep cleansing of the body, exclusive lifting mud wrap and a Hydro Impact facial massage.

Hydro Marin Mud Treatment (No shower body wrap treatment)

$1101 h 15 min
Detoxifying and rejuvenating treatment for the whole body. Includes Hydrating body cleanser, body scrub with flavonoids and jojoba wax beads, Hydro Marin peel-off body mud wrap and a detoxifying body serum, promotinghealth and truly luxurious and silky skin.


$8560 min
Special Event, here you come glowing! The fastest way to get the perfect tanned skin in just 1 hour!!! Thanks tothe modern skin care technology and our amazing aestheticians we are pleased to offer this fast tinting wholebody treatment which consists of professional cleansing, scrubbing, tinting lotion application and body buffing.

Elite Spa Delight!

$2602 hrs 20 min
Our unique offer of ultimate rejuvenation! This treatment was inspired by the glowing bodies of the TurkishDancers. After your body is cleansed, pores opened with steam and every inch is polished with DR. SpillerOlive oil and Jojoba Scrub, your skin is then hydrated with the oil to prepare for the final accord of the treatment-cold cucumber tightening mask! You have to experience it to believe the potential your skin has.